Yolande Morris

Professional Healthcare Representative
Primary Care — Division A

Yolande has worked for Pfizer, since May 2003, as a Professional Healthcare Representative in Brooklyn, New York. Yolande has won numerous awards for her sales achievements including Vice President's Cabinet in 2005, FIRST in Class for 2007 and 2008 and the Summit Award in 2010. She has served in various leadership roles within her district as well as the New York Metro region. Most recently she was named Philanthropy Captain and helped to organize the region's VOLUNTEERZ project. She also serves as the Managed Care Access Team liaison for the Queens District, working with the CGC and Account Managers to bring valuable formulary access information to the field.

In addition to her work at Pfizer, Yolande has traveled extensively and served as a volunteer on numerous medical mission trips to Brazil, Haiti, and the Philippines. She also volunteers with TRANSITIONS, a group for adults aged 19–29 with a membership of over 300, as their Publicity and Marketing Director. In this role, Yolande is responsible for the organization's communications, including social media, blogs, and newsletters.

On her assignment, Yolande will be responsible for supporting the field team in developing stories for the Access newsletter and Web site, as well as other media. She will assist and support the field team in fundraising and proposal/grant writing, building the team's capacity in areas such as identifying funding sources, researching and writing concept papers and proposals, and working to develop the team's written communications skills for reports and media materials. Through her Fellowship, Yolande hopes to improve her knowledge of global health care issues and share her experience with a worldwide audience. On her return, Yolande would like to work with her colleagues at Pfizer to bring lasting solutions to some of these issues.

The Access Project in Rwanda works at the local health center level to strengthen the public health system's ability to address the population's health needs, with a focus on improving care for HIV/AIDS, malaria, and TB.